TDK Technology (Vehicle Dynamics Control Technologies Inc.) was established with the aim of making a domestic and national contribution to tomorrow's automotive technologies. TDK Technology aims to bridge the gap between the heart of Turkey's automotive sector, Bursa, and the capital, Ankara, to provide the most efficient solutions in the shortest possible time. Leading the way is a collaboration of three companies, including SSTEK Defense Industry Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of the Turkish Presidency's Presidency of Defense Industries, MAY Brake Systems Industry Trade Inc., and Üstünova Engineering and R&D Ltd. With their combined efforts, they are working on high-value-added products and closely following new technologies.

TDK Technology has started working on brake control systems, with a focus on military and commercial heavy vehicles, and aims to develop products in the field of driving technologies in the near future. With new products to be introduced to the growing and rapidly evolving market, it will become a leading company in its field.

1. Development of National Brake Control Systems and Subcomponents
Electronic brake control and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
Advanced brake control systems - EBS (+ASR, ESP - Stability Control, Hill Start Assist

2. Active Safety and Control Systems
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
Emergency warning and automatic braking
Maneuver support systems (Turn Maneuvers, Collision Avoidance Maneuver Support)
Autonomous Load Detection and Approach (Autonomous PLS)

3. Driving Control Systems
Adaptive cruise control
Integrated drive, steering, and braking control systems
Autonomous convoy driving (Platooning)

4. Next-Generation Driving Technologies
Autonomous Ground Vehicle Systems
Cybersecurity and Functional Safety compliance
Technologies for Electric Vehicles - Regenerative Braking

System Engineering
Control Engineering
Brake Control Systems
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Driving Algorithms
Virtual Simulation
Automotive Test Design
Field Tests
Product Development
Mastery of Automotive/Military Standards

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