DELTAV Space Technologies Inc. was founded on June 30, 2016, with the aim of developing hybrid rocket solutions, advancing rocket engine technology for space applications, productizing sounding rockets and satellite propulsion systems, and conducting tests of payloads operating in space.

In line with its vision, the goal is to develop cost-effective products in the space sector that can compete with the world, aiming to become a significant player in the global space industry.

Hybrid Rocket Engines: The development of hybrid rocket engines with the highest thrust density on Earth is targeted.

Single Liquid Propellant Thrust Systems: Single-liquid propellant thrust systems that use green alternative fuels to meet the maneuvering needs of spacecraft are being developed.

Dual Liquid Propellant Thrust Systems

Composite Technologies

Insulation Technologies

Cryogenic Systems

Avionics Systems

Ignition Systems

Separation and Recovery Systems

Turbo Pump Technologies

High-Pressure Lightweight Tank Systems

Testing Services: Within the scope of testing services, safety-critical tests, flight tests, tests in space and microgravity environments, high-speed aerodynamic tests, material characterization tests, and facility setup activities are carried out.

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