SSTEK Defence Industry Technologies SA was founded as a 100% subsidiary of the Republic of Turkey Defence Industry Agency in 2016

SSTEK establishes new companies or provides partnerships to existing companies in order to support the domestic and national development and production of critical technologies for the country’s security. Our company is organized by the Defence Industry Agency and was established with the aim of operating in the fields of defence, aviation, space, and homeland security. Accordingly, by working in coordination with existing public and private sector companies, we aim to increase the ability and capacity of technologies, products, and services of our country’s defence industry..

Our Actions

SSTEK initiates incorporation activities for strategic fields determined with the guidance of the public and participation of the private sector. SSTEK also supports small and middle scale enterprises that produce technology, products and services needed by our country through being a partner of or establishing new companies together with such enterprises.

Our Main Actions

SSTEK ensures that the establishments of companies that will domestically and nationally develop the technologies which are deemed critical in line with the needs of our country by Defense Industry Agency are executed, and all of the activities are monitored. SSTEK aims to provide the necessary capital support for SMEs working in the field of Defence to transform their existing capabilities into capacities and to gain a place for itself in the defence ecosystem with SSTEK brand value.

Fields of Operation

Fields of Operation Robotics Material Technologies Nanotechnology Biotechnology Optics Genetics Weapon Technologies Electronics Mechanics and Mechatronics Information Technologies Propulsion and Destruction Systems Cyber Security
Our Mission
To contribute to our country's goal of full independence in critical technologies by making investments that support continuous development in our national defence industry.
Our Vision
To be a globally successful institution with the investments we will make to reduce the foreign dependency of our domestic and national defence industry in fields of advanced technology, with sustainable resource management and the management systems we will implement for Great and Powerful Türkiye.

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